Homework 6 (due Tuesday, November 12, at 11:59pm PST)

1. Avida

Avida documentation is here: http://avida.devosoft.org/documentation/page/Main_Page

The latest stable version of Avida can be downloaded here: http://avida.devosoft.org/download/

See the class homework that explains the relevant details for this homework

Videos are available showing you how to download and install Avida and how to work with Avida once it’s installed.

2. Homework

Download the Avida homework notebook.

All of the homework problems are listed in the notebook. Turn in the completed notebook via the usual method (commit to Github + email me the nbviewer link). Be sure to include the data you use to generate the graphs.

Email the homework solutions to Randy Olson: olsonran AT msu DOT edu