Wed, Nov 13, 2013 – More plotting, data wrangling, and coding an evolutionary digital model

Class on Nov. 27th?

Nov. 27th is the day before Thanksgiving. I don’t have a lecture planned for that day, but I can run a hands-on workshop to teach you how to use some advanced data management and plotting tools that will be valuable for your final project and future research if you work with data.

Do we want to have class on Nov. 27th?

Having class means I will be there to help you debug as we walk through the tools. You will also have video tutorials to optionally watch afterward.

Not having class means you will only have online video tutorials and emails to help you with these tools.

Homework 6 solutions

We will briefly go over the solution to the Avida homework assignment.

We will cover how to wrangle and plot the data after Avida has generated it. Video here:

We will also discuss the biological implications of the experiment as a class.

Model in Homework 7

We will walk through the model in the evolutionary digital modeling homework. You will be working with this model for your homework for the rest of the semester.

Email the homework solutions to Randy Olson: olsonran AT msu DOT edu